Partner with us - STADIUM CRAWLS

We recently launched Stadium Crawls as we saw a void in the social aspect of sporting events. Our goal is to make sporting events more social while increasing ticket & concession revenue and fan loyalty for their partners. Our other companies create and market hundreds of events each year that sell over 500,000 tickets annually and we feel our expertise will carry over to the sports market. We pride ourselves on our a unique approach to dynamic ticket pricing and aggressive & interactive social media campaign – the combination of which results in selling out events time after time.



Stadium Crawls works with teams who are looking to drive attendance while giving customers a unique game-day experience. We work with the teams to produce events that will encourage thousands of fans, who otherwise may not attend a game, to do so. The customers we bring out are ideal for stadiums as they are over 21 years of age, active on social media and spend money on concessions.

Specifically, Stadium Crawls Will:

  • Develop a cost-effective program that will attract the proper audience
  • Develop pricing models and ticket schedules
  • Assess current supply/demand and momentum trends to determine optimal times to increase prices
  • Create a suite of marketing materials
  • Put together a standalone website (e.g.
  • Set up and facilitates ambassador programs to ensure maximum exposure
  • Run and manage interactive social media campaigns
  • Handle all crawl-related customer service inquiries via email and social media
  • Assist with the pre-game planning and logistics
  • Send out photographers and videographers, post pictures/videos on Facebook to encourage social media engagement


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